Coaching for Performance

The Coaching for Performance program provides supervisors and managers with the listening and goal setting skills they need to support and direct their staff. The Coaching program builds cooperation, trust and personal initiative. It can also generate successful systems changes.

Leslie has worked as a coach with companies including Bayer, Phantom Industries and Aamco. The Coaching for Managers program is helpful in empowering employees, ensuring continuous improvements in systems and improving cooperation between co-workers.

The Coaching For Managers program complements and enhances the long-term value of any training program.

Program Highlights

Central to the Program

One of the most compelling benefits of introducing the program is that managers are able to focus on helping their staff to keep getting better at their jobs. The Coaching for Managers program helps managers and supervisors to empower employees and prevent crisis management.

Participants Will Learn

The Value of Coaching

In 5 weeks each participant will receive four individual coaching sessions, and a 3 hour group seminar. After the training, particpants will begin to coach their staff. Four weeks later they will be supervised during 2 of the coaching sessions that they are providing for their staff. Three months later the coaches will meet for 2 hours to share their successes.

Coaching for individuals who have a specific issue to resolve is also available.