Humour in the Workplace - Conference Planners

Humour in the Workplace

The Humour in the Workplace presentation is very enjoyable and energizing. This skill-based program helps participants to communicate more effectively, add more fun activities in their lives and improve how they manage their reactions in tense situations. The Humour in the Workplace program builds enthusiasm and rapport at the conference. The Humour program is presented as a 2-3 hour seminar or as a 75 minute speech.

Optimal Stress for Optimal Performance

The Optimal Stress for Optimal Performance presentation has helped many individuals to measurably improve health and well being. Participants learn how to make small changes that will help manage stressful situations at work and at home. They will also learn how to change bad habits, replace self-defeating thoughts, and set new achievable goals.

Shortly after the presentation, individuals often report eliminating headaches, improving work effectiveness and sleeping better. They become more relaxed and more in control.

One organization adapted the Optimal Stress program for senior managers, offering a 60 minute presentation and one-to-one coaching sessions. This program was very successful. It helped senior managers to manage stress better, at work and at home.

The Optimal Stress program has been presented as an after-dinner presentation, and as a 3-6 hour seminar.

We Care - Customer Service

The We Care Customer Service seminar will help participants to improve their communication skills, and their ability to give exceptional service to customers, clients, suppliers and co-workers.

Particpants will learn to:

The We Care program has achieved measured, long-term results. Best results are achieved when it is presented as a 2 day program.

Coaching for Performance

The Coaching for Performance program provides supervisors and managers with the listening and goal setting skills they need to support and direct their staff. The Coaching program builds cooperation, trust and personal initiative. It can also generate successful systems changes. The Coaching program can be joined with the We Care seminar to enhance staff performance.

Communicate for Success

The Communicate for Success seminar teaches participants how to speak clearly and listen well. The seminar will help participants deal with complaints, solve problems quickly, define achievable goals and use an appealing tone of voice. The skills taught are powerful and the presentation is practical and enjoyable.

Dealing with Difficult People

Leslie have presented the Dealing with Difficult People workshop for over 15 years. The training is often presented in a 2-3 hour format. The program offers participants easy to learn communication skills which help them to build rapport, resolve differences and work well with others.

Exceptional Customer Service

Companies that provide exceptional customer service stand out from their competition. Their employees communicate well with customers and co-workers and increase customer loyalty.

The Exceptional Customer Service seminar helps participants to identify how successful companies attract and retain customers. The seminar teaches participants how to improve listening skills and provide consistent customer satisfaction.